The Town of Midway, located in the northern section of Davidson County, North Carolina was incorporated on June 29, 2006. Midway is Davidson County’s fifth and newest incorporated municipality. At the time of formation, the town encompassed eight square miles with a population of 4,399. After citizen requested annexation, Midway now covers nine square miles with a population of 4,700.

Midway derives its name from its location midway between Winston-Salem and Lexington, North Carolina.

Through the leadership of John Faust and Norman Wilkes and the guidance of Senator Stan Bingham the community sought incorporation from 2004-2006 to protect their community and to retain its own identity. In 2004 an interim council (Larry Jenkins, Betty Nifong, Steve Stokes, Barbara Temple, Carl Tuttle, and Norman Wilkes ) was established. A petition drive in 2005 gathered the required signatures of 51 percent of the voting population within the proposed town limits. On Wednesday, June 28, 2006 Senate Bill S1852 was unanimously ratified, therefore; establishing the “Town of Midway”. The town was officially incorporated on June 29, 2006. Norman Wilkes was the town’s first mayor. The appointed council consisted of Mayor Pro Tempore: Betty Nifong, John Byrum, Barbara Temple, Carl Tuttle, and Judy Waddell.

On November 3, 2007 the Town of Midway had its first official election. George Byrum was elected as Mayor along with Councilman John Byrum, Mike McAlpine, Robin Moon, Todd Nifong, and Wiley Nifong.