• Population: 4,700 residents
  • Square Miles: 9 square miles
  • Elevation: 890 feet
  • Time Zone: Eastern (GMT-5)
  • Address: 426 Gumtree Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27107
  • Phone: 336-764-5455


The Town of Midway derives its name from its relative geographic location, “midway” between the cities of Winston-Salem and Lexington. Urban sprawl and annexation by the city of Winston-Salem has muddled the logical apparency of the town’s name since the city limits of Winston-Salem now share a border with Midway while Lexington’s nearest border is seven miles (11 km) away. Originally, the community which now forms the center of modern Midway was founded as Eller when the Eller train depot was constructed, labeled as such after members of the Eller family which resided nearby. Until incorporation in 2006, many maps still marked the area as Eller, despite disuse of the name over time by the public, local media, and local establishments.