Ordinance Amending the Text of the Town of Midway Zoning Ordinance – Free Range Fowl – Ordinance No. 23-02
Adopted August 1, 2022. The ordinance establishes regulations of free-range fowl in the Town of Midway.

Adopted June 2017. Amended August 1, 2022. Establishment of zoning regulations for designated portions of the Town of Midway in accordance with NCGS 160D.

Adopted August 2017. Promotes public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions within flood-prone areas.
The Junked Motor Vehicles Ordinance allows for the removal and disposition of vehicles determined to be abandoned on the public streets and highways within the Town, and on property owned by the Town. The Ordinance also allows for the removal of “abandoned,” “nuisance” or “junked motor vehicles” located on private property.
Adopted July 2017. Control of noxious growth of grass, plant material and noxious weeds on residential, business or vacant lots.
Adopted June 2017. Control of waste and littering on public and private property.

Adopted September 2017. Amended June 2021. Establish procedures and standards for the development and subdivision of land within the territorial jurisdiction of the Town of Midway in accordance with NCGS 160D.

Adopted August 5, 2019, the ordinance establishes regulations of Internet Gaming Businesses in the Town of Midway

Temporary Moratorium on Development Approvals for Internet Sweepstakes Businesses (Ordinance No. 19-05)
Adopted on July 15, 2019, The ordinance extends a temporary moratorium on development approvals for Internet Sweepstakes Businesses

Watershed Map
Designates the boundaries of the State-designated WS-III Watershed Protection Area located within the Midway Town limits.
Adopted in 2017, the Watershed Ordinance includes surface water standards and protections that are consistent with Statewide Administrative Code Title 15, Chapter 02B.0215, applicable to WS-III Watershed development areas located within the Town of Midway. See Watershed Map for WS-III designated area in Midway. All development within the designated boundaries must obtain watershed permits as part of the development process.
The purpose of this ordinance is to define the appointment, organization, rules, powers, and duties of the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment.